How has your English classroom changed in response to the challenges of COVID-19?

Around the world, university and college English teachers have been forced to adapt as institutions have moved their teaching online. Some were already working in the online space, although for many, teaching at a distance is entirely new. We invite you to share your experience and perspectives on Digital English. We are especially interested to hear of the practical strategies you put in place to support your students and help them to further their studies in literature, creative writing, composition, communication and related disciplines.

Digital English is an evolving, open-access handbook of original, adaptable and proven exercises, assignments, and techniques using digital, online and mobile technology. These exercises are designed to engage students in the tertiary English classroom – whether physical or virtual.

We invite critically reflective responses of up to 1500 words for a new website section, Connections/Reflections, that reflect upon teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic or in the wake of other crises.

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